So, an interesting thing has been happening to me lately and it seems to happen every year. The weather gets nice and my desire to be inside diminishes. As much as I enjoy coding, I just as much would love to hit the road for a bike ride or run. This isn’t even counting the hours of yard work staring at me out the window.

How do I keep myself focused when I need to and enjoy the outdoors when I want to?

To be honest, I don’t know yet! I’m actually sitting here thinking of how I can improve here. As I always seem to do, I’ll start a list…

##Spring (Productivity) Cleaning

  1. Get my workouts scheduled and schedule them in the morning or around lunch to give myself a break in my day. This will keep workouts off my mind and stop me from skipping a workout because I have work to do (or putting off work because I have a workout to do).
  2. Wake up earlier! More work done in the morning means more time in the afternoon/evening to myself. This is an ongoing battle for me.
  3. Reevaluate my productivity tools/usage. Right now, I have a rather relaxed approach to my Trello board. I’d like to focus my cards more and have a better prioritizing of tasks. I want to make sure a card represents a few hours work and that I can easily see my progress and what needs to be done next.

These three things should set me up to crush work and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis. Now that I look at them, they’re all obvious things I should have been doing anyways. Time to get out of this slowdown and get back on track.